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Sally Edwards

Ash Marazita

Paula Waters

Paula Waters is a mum of 3 children, 4 if you include her husband. Paula runs & cycles and enjoys staying fit and healthy, and encourages her children to do the same. At work, she loves the friendships and laughs she has with her colleagues, and the regular customers who come to Superwell for their treatments. 

She is always friendly, helpful, and professional, and strives to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Available for a hug any time.

Superpower is out on the basketball court. Quietly competitive she’ll happily take on whoever wants a game.

Emily Dietrich

Emily’s a natural planner and goal-setter, which helps as she balances her work and study to become a chiropractor. She believes that health is the foundation to living a happy life and counts self-care as a key ingredient. Her superpower is that she can ride like the wind on horseback.

Kinga Jaworska

A life lived in balance means healthy eating, lifting weights, plenty of time spent with family, immersing in arts and literature, and never skipping your skincare routine, according to Kinga. With a keen interest in natural products and chiropractic care, Kinga’s goal is help others achieve their wellness goals. Her superpower is that she can play both the trumpet and the violin.

Hume Hurley

Hume is a man of action. Whether he’s running on the beach, playing football, studying, or setting goals, it’s all about looking forward in life and using your time in the most optimal way for personal health and happiness. His superpower is that he’s very good at curling.

Suzanne Forshaw

The cheerful and energetic Suzanne lifts everyone’s spirits with her encouraging nature and open laugh. She believes that feeling good comes from taking charge and taking action when it comes to self-care. Music permeates every corner of her life, whether she’s exercising, catching up with friends, or cooking up something delicious in her kitchen. Her superpower is winning at thumbwrestling by making you laugh.