Our Philosophy


All living things have a vital force within them that is trying to express maximally all of the time and it is this that separates them from inanimate objects. Life is in fact a broad term that describes the magic that underpins planet earth and the delicate manner in which all living things exist in codependence.

This expression is determined by access to the fundamental requirements of the living entity and how much toxicity they are exposed to (think plants; require sunlight, water, nutrients in the soil, toxicity comes through herbicides, chemicals, insect infestation etc)

So health is about setting the conditions to get ones fundamental requirements and reducing exposure to toxicity, in order for the body to express its vital potential maximally.

Living as a human is more complex and has many more layers than most other organisms. Our modern world and innovation have created new environments for us to exist in that challenge our access to requirements whilst at the same time increasing our exposure to toxicity. Life/living has moved away from how we genetically evolved to be and the consequence is a chronically reduced expression of vitality.

Our expression of health is also determined by the health of the global and local environments we inhabit. It is determined by the choices we make and goals we chase in life. It is impacted by the way we use our time and how full our schedule is. Every decision to do one thing is a decision to not do something different and this is why the answer to optimising ones expression is to look at life holistically.

So what are the fundamental requirements encoded in our genes? This matrix is obviously unique to each of us but there are 6 critical areas of consideration that we call the Superwell Pillars.

Super Food, Super Mind, Super Movement, Super Sleep, Social Connections, Super Surrounds

So in order to get these requirements we need to set the conditions accordingly – we need to look at our lives more holistically. As we do this and make conscious and better decisions our toxicity will naturally reduce too, as we live more harmoniously with our global and local ecosystems.

As humans we also need to understand that we are not at the top of the food chain and in fact there is no such thing. That kind of thinking is what is driving the world down a path of destruction. All living things need to remain in harmony in order for Life to express optimally, we need to consider ourselves as part of an eco system not an ego system.

This is why we see Superwell as ‘Life In Perfect Balance’. It is not health program or procedural system but a way of viewing the world and a basis for conscious decision making.

A philosophy to live by.