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Posture Pole


‘Some posture pole a day helps keep the spine pain away’

To remove some of the physical stress that may have built up throughout the day you can try a simple 5-10 minute exercise on a product called a Posture Pole or a foam roller alternative.

To be honest, exercise is a bit of a stretch as all it requires you to do is simply lay still on the Posture Pole or foam roller with your arms out to the side!

Here is how it works:

1. Lay on your back with the Posture Pole or foam roller running up and down the length of your spine.

2. Start with your knees bent to remove some pressure from the lower back and gradually lower them as it feels comfortable to do so.

3. Have your arms sitting out to the side somewhere between by your hip and straight out sideways from your shoulders. The main aim is to get your shoulder blades back but comfort is also an important consideration here.

4. You can lay on a full circle foam roller or a Posture Pole/semi circle foam roller.

5. Lay there for 5-10 minutes at a time.